AK-47* – Royal Birthday Special

A no-nonsense gift guide for women

There is a Royal Birthday coming up on Monday the 15th of January and one wouldn’t want you to stress over coming up with the perfect present. Here is a list of Real Queen of Stuff-approved gifts, guaranteed to delight your Queen (and possibly other women too).

There’s something for every budget but don’t be afraid to splurge – remember that giving offers greater pleasure than receiving.

(ideas listed in (approx.) ascending value)


Theoretically a recommended pool to fish for presents, I have mixed feelings about gifted fashion  items. Unless you know me well, avoid this category.  Nevertheless, certain classic objects of desire are as follows:

  • A DVF Jeanne Two Silk Jersey Wrap Dress (in my size though!)
  • 12cm heel sandals (if you know your brands)
  • A Louis Vuitton Alexandra wallet (apparently they have stopped it but you can get me a Clapton or Sarah instead)
  • A (red) Seraphina Bra & Tie Side from Agent Provocateur
  • Lady Dior bag in black patent cannage calfskin
DVF Jeanne Two | Lady Dior | Seraphina Set


You literally CAN’T fail with opting for a beauty gift. Practically anything is welcome. Current objects of desire include (but not limited to):

Essie nail polish color palette


I love art but (due to being an art professional have absolute  and direct access to it, therefore) not really keen on art gifts.
(Very welcome) Exceptions include:

Banksy | Damien Hirst | Kaws


Not really big on tech (boring) so preferably steer clear of this category.
(Meh) Exceptions include:

  • Huawei smart phone (a pink gold P10 or gold Mate 10 perhaps)
  • Free intel on how to create and market PDF books
  • Free intel on how to create an auto-responder online course
  • Rose gold Macbook



An excellent but tricky category since I will most likely need you to join me for the ride. So, before proceeding, ask yourself: do I want you with me?

  • Take me to a nice food truck anywhere to share adventurous street goodies
  • Lunch at El Tambor in Colombia (should move a couple of places down the list if tickets to get in and out of there must be included)
  • Dinner at any Hix restaurant, London
  • A weekend to see Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights), wherever the best view is at the time of travelling
  • 3-night stay at Hotel Splendido Portofino, Italy
  • 5 days somewhere exotic (Fidji / Maldives / whatever) in a hut surrounded by water
  • 2 week long, all expenses trip to London (all expenses = including shopping, dining and the likes)
Fall in love at the Splendido


You cannot go wrong here, even if you pick one blindfolded.

100 Question’s | Flowers | Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

I understand the imminent risk of ending up with a lifetime supply of Muji pens and Essie nail polish, and it is just fine. As long as you throw a little love in the mix.

Happy birthday to me.

P.S.: AK are my initials and I am turning 47


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  1. Happy birthday your Maj.

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