About Me


Queen of Stuff on self-imposed exile, on a quest to discover self and the meaning of life.

Proud owner of a one way-ticket to wherever life takes me -untill further notice- I am trying to make sense of it all and pursue happiness.

Most of us fantasize about leaving it all behind. Fed up with things I decided to just do it and see what happens.

This place is a cross between a vanity project and my sincere desire to catalogue and share my experiences with whoever wants in.

More About Me

I am in my mid-40s and happy about it (no babe-dellusions but very much enjoying being a woman). Feeling beautiful inside and out, I try to make the best with the hand I have been dealt.

I work in the creative industy, which allows for some much needed flexibility – any place can be my office for today.
But this is not about work.

Politically incorrect but trying to mind own business and always be fair, I will revel about the things that make me happy and call out *BS* whenever I see it.

I like the good things in life, starting with the simple pleasures;
a warm hug, real food, a sunny day, an LV handbag are all decent examples of what rocks my boat.

I am compact and mobile (except for my beauty kit), all about discovering new things while appreciating the old ones just the same.

I have a handful of precious friends, a legion of beautiful aquaintances and a healthy army of haters.

This is for all of us to ENJOY.



The constant travelling is over, because I found what I was looking for.
I am still on the go as much as I can and mentally remain in a perennial state of self-imposed exile but I am working on the improvements necessary to hopefully start belonging soon!


P.S.: All my content is real and original. I will serve no fantasy posts, “borrowed” photos or second-hand experiences – only what actually happens in my life.

In no specific order.



All photos © Alexandra Kollaros, unless otherwise stated