Luxury x Privacy x Perfection in Oia.

Somewhere between a vanity post and an actual hotel review this article combines my genuine enthusiasm for our Santorini accommodation and my even more genuine enthusiasm for the amazing collection of photos we shot there.
I feel the need to share both of these with you.

Context first:

We stayed at Ikies during our May Day Santorini getaway. An utterly memorable expedition – you can read all about it here.

The Hotel

Ikies is a luxury boutique hotel consisting of 13 Villas & Suites. Sitting on a volcanic rock hill, overlooking the Santorini caldera, it offers sensational views of the surroundings as well as front row “seats” to the famous Santorini sunset. Traditional Cycladic architecture blends with contemporary design in an elegant manifestation of hospitality nowness.

The Boatman’s House

The suites & villas are named after various professions and vocations. We reserved The Boatman’s House: a superior one-room studio featuring a private veranda, in turn sporting a temperature-controlled jacuzzi and exterior futon bed. The Boatman’s is located on one of the highest levels of Ikies, securing the best of the best view.


Located at the far end of the left edge of Oia, Ikies enjoy privileged vistas of the caldera but also a full view of the village, in all its picturesque glory; it doesn’t get any more premium than this. Oia central is a 10 minute walk from the hotel (less if you hurry the pace), during which you can marvel at the architecture and the surrounding nature.

Effective discretion

Friendly, eager, helpful, the service is ever-present but -crucially- unobtrusive and discreet. Like invisible guardian angels, the hotel stuff materialise whenever you need them or even in anticipation of your needs. The “house” is always clean and ordered (inside & out), without you ever getting to see who & how. To top it all off, while you sleep, someone makes sure your jacuzzi is warmed up for you.


The villas are crammed next to each other (moreover, featuring open verandas) while at the same time the hotels are also crammed next to one another, all the way through to the village at the opposite end of Oia. Bizarrely, the sense we had was that of seclusion & privacy. Maybe it was the elevation of the Boatman’s or perhaps the entire upscale complex is designed like that. Either way, it was a precious, unexpected perk.


Meals are private affairs at Ikies. Breakfast arrives at your suite at the time you have indicated. As for the order, you tick the items of choice from a list that you hand to the reception. Should you forget to do that (as was the case one evening) reception keeps a record of your past orders or can take a new one over the phone. Regarding the rest of the meals you can order and enjoy in the privacy of your room; we didn’t have the time to try this but the menu seemed quite enticing.

Who with?

Do yourself (and everyone else) a favour and do not bring your children. The place is made to be enjoyed by couples, period.

Click away

Right. This place photographs divine. And offers a multitude of gorgeous backgrounds. Essentially, all you need to do is insert yourself in the (infinite number of) frames and perfect photos will more or less shoot themselves. Instagram paradise.

My Top 3

  • The Welcome potion (lime sorbet with strawberries)
  • The scalding hot tub with caldera views at 7.30 am (and at all other times for that matter)
  • The his & hers sustainable flip-flops (we hope they were a gift!)


In a heartbeat. To try the private dining feature, possibly check another suite (although I am quite attached to the Boatman’s) and relive the entire experience.


Discover more at ikies.com

Enjoy more Ikies moments below ⇩.

All images © The Real Queen of Stuff

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