The Royal Survival Kit

What keeps me going

Ino Cohen asked me to reveal my life survival kit for her blog “Survival Box” and I happily obliged.

According to my “destiny number“*, I had to come up with seven essentials.

There we go, in no particular order (although creating and writing have to come first):


I need to be writing – a book, a blog post, my newsletter, a journal entry, an artist’s text, a recipe, a letter to a loved one – whatever, non-stop.

This is my book “Greek Art from A to Z


I also need to be creating something or other, all the time. Whether it is an artwork or an object, a piece of jewellery or an illustration, even a concept for something. I just have to create.

My latest art project “Heart Factory


I adore discovering new places and cultures and I enjoy every new destination no matter what; let it suck, I will still love it.

At the Glass House Mountains in Queensland, Australia


Cooking – savoury or sweet, I like them both equally – gives me great pleasure. There’s something uplifting in nailing a recipe (and eating it afterwards).

Brownie, THE recipe


Exercising keeps me sane, kickstarts my day and -crucially- saves me from becoming an orca whale.

Yoga home practice


I am a sucker for all things “beauty”: hair & make-up, body lotions, massages, treatments, spas – you name it, I want it.

Hair & make up – bliss

#7. DIY

Ah, the utter pleasure of fixing something with your hands (and a power drill), especially when you have to figure out the “how” yourself. A girl simply has to have DIY skills.

Ready for action


P.S.:  The “destiny number” is the number that comes up after adding your birth date numbers (date/month/year) and reducing them to decimal value.   

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