2019 review

An honest assessment of the year.

2019 has been… mixed feelings.

Give more, chase dreams, become the person I am inside my head” sums up my 2019 intentions.

How did it go?

2019 had its moments, both personally and professionally. Important and long-awaited goals were achieved. But it came with tons of unwanted stuff and undesirable outcomes. Despite the special moments, my overall feeling of the year is that it was sh*te (read in Scottish accent).

What happened in 2019 in the areas of life I monitor?



My list of 101 things to do is serving as my annual guide. This year has been my best ever: I nailed 72 goals (versus 2018’s 61 goals with 3rd best 2015’s 47). This is a huge leap forward. Among the goals were unicorn-status entries such as finishing my personal website (a good 6 years of wishful planning).

Confession: around October I got exhausted with the list (and life in general) and basically threw in the towel with aggressively chasing goals. I finished off smoothly with a few less demanding but good ones.

I plan to beat the record again in 2020.



Following a spectacularly cosmopolitan 2018, 2019 has been the first year in recent history (or ever for that matter) that I failed my traveling goals. I didn’t get to visit a new international destination (mortal sin) and the rest of my travels where scarce and characterised by utter modesty in length. I visited a new destination in Greece that I fully recommend though: hooray for Iraklia island.



Fitness has been a source of delight this year. I introduced the 5 x weekly workout plan which piggybacked on 2018’s regular workouts, to great results. I am writing this almost in disbelief (especially since I have been religiously eating dessert and junk food throughout the year) but I managed to check my (unicorn) entry “build the best body of the decade”. Seriously, I can’t believe it but I look better than ever. If you are reading this, go subscribe to the gym now and enjoy fatty foods guilt-free.



I tend to achieve my beauty goals, probably because they are so fun to achieve, and 2019 was no surprise – with the single exception of having regular manicures (whatever). Ditto with the material ones, except for the weapons’ grade entries (no designer handbag equaling the GDP of small sub-saharan country and –again– no Tiffany Atlas open ring). But in truth I wasn’t really focused on material stuff this year, a trend I will likely take to 2020 as well.



I made honest efforts. They didn’t pay out. But trying felt good. It also shed some needed light to my inner positioning regarding commitment (some introspection may be in order here). What matters is I have worked with myself to be a better partner, regardless of how others behave.

Kaya the puppy continues to be a source of unlimited love btw.



Powerful results in the art production and curation department, a grand culmination of my charity campaign, did 2 presentations of my bookpersonal website at long last on air (and acting as my global headquarters onwards), new artAZ website recently went online too (also festering on the to-do list for a while now), developed an official coaching program for artists, produced tons of written material, worked on several smaller projects, started setting time aside for my own art (an almost forgotten practice) and enjoyed good media exposure throughout the year. Also, set in motion my biggest project ever (a new art fair for artists) and went after an exciting new goal: filmed the pilot episode for an art tv series. Among other things.


  • I don’t know how many of these projects will flourish
  • Bizarrely, I feel like I didn’t do as much as I could/should. 9 official list entries have not been realised, not to mention dozens of other ideas I didn’t even touch. Maybe I am asking too much of myself (entry for 2020: be more realistic with my expectations).



2019 has been a bit of an ill-conceived gang-bang. I have been let down, betrayed and f*cked over simultaneously by more people than I care to remember. Both personally & professionally. Mostly without expecting it.

Other than that:

  • I slightly improved my skills as a godmother. A good start but there’s room for much more. It doesn’t help that my girl lives a continent apart. She is growing up though and hopefully I can be of more use as we proceed.
  • There has been unnecessary heat in various immediate relationships, for which I am not keen on taking much blame. Unless it counts as blame when you loose your spirit and/or desire to keep trying to fix something on your own.
  • Romantically (see above but) I believe I was a fair partner without having anything to show for it. There is always room for improvement, of course, given the opportunity.
  • Professionally, it has been a weird balance between a sh$t-festival and excitingly promising new relationships. I suppose the aggregate is positive (if you are a dedicated optimist) but the letdowns were strong and highly anticlimactic.
  • Socially, I left behind several people but they were aptly replaced with interesting new ones. 2019 also saw some much-appreciated comebacks from the past. Still, I feel an air of change is in order and I will prioritise welcoming more new people in it my life in 2020.



This has been the year’s all-star category (last year it was “Beauty”): I nailed ALL my goals. 13 in total and spanning a wide array of different activities, they were religiously executed and carrying them out gave me immense pleasure. Responsibility is a sector that didn’t feature prominently in previous years, simply because I wasn’t intentional about it. In 2019 I decided I wanted to focus on giving and adding value in every way possible, it paid off and it stays with me for the year ahead.



Measurable things:

  •  Read around 30 books (recurring resolution: minimum of 12) & infinite amounts of business & growth literature. It may very well have been the most studious year of the decade. What’s more, it unfolded naturally, without making the least bit of an effort.
  • More than 20 new recipes decorate my culinary skill-set, most of them being total keepers. Annual target being 8 (5 savoury & 3 sweet), it is safe to say this one has been nailed hard.
  • Acquire a new skill” is a recurring annual entry but this year I killed it big time. Not only did I take several workshops and courses of all kinds but, crucially, I conquered a skill that has been festering on my wish list for more than a decade: I learned how to create websites and instantly proceeded with designing my own and then my company’s too. With a little (ok, a lot) help from my favourite developer of course but the designs are all me.
  • I also did some next level DIY, impressing myself with the level of mastery I am achieving in this sector. I hit all my growth goals except for one.

(drum roll and on with the GRAND fiasco):

  • In 2019 I failed my traveling goals. This was an unfortunate result of prioritising but honestly, there are no excuses.

More abstract concepts:

I am proud to have achieved (some more) inner personal growth. Negativity has been stalking me throughout the year; it has exhausted but not destroyed me. I am happy with how I evolved in the face of challenges. I also practiced more empathy, a trait I don’t excel in. I intend to continue subtracting bad and adding good.

I guess I am trying to mature like good wine.


END NOTE: I just finished writing this and it has helped me see that 2019 has been a solid year after all and not the sh*t fest I have registered in my head. In fact it has been a pretty good one, just with a handsome serving of reality. A fruitful and didactic one.

How was your year?


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  1. nassiae says:

    a really interesting year! all the best Alex ❤

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    1. Right back at U Nassia! ♥ ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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