Ludo in Greece

Street Art (Non-)Residency

Not 1, not 2 but 5 new Ludo works are now in dialogue with nature in Southern Greece. Executed in the artist’s trademark style & colour palette, the hybrid organisms of Ludo examine our relationship with the world that surrounds us.


“A Residency that no one asked for – Basically a not commissioned/paid/sponsored/… project for outside installations in Greece” is what the artist himself calls this series of public works. Simply put, he did it because he was inspired to.


I couldn’t believe it when I opened the email and reflexively reached out to Ludo for comment. Despite his busy schedule he was kind enough to reply immediately.


You get invited to do so many paid and prestigious commissions. What made you decide to do this project for free? Was it more fun like this?

My main motivation has always been freedom, freedom of expression. When I do works outside I do it for my own pleasure as a laboratory for my inspirations. I don’t need to get paid to go out. It’s always more fun for sure.

HYPNOS (close-up)

Any special message / theme? I see there is reboot, sleep & love. The police bess I can’t figure out!

My message/theme is my work; Nature Vs Human, not so much an ecological question but more “a place on earth” global interrogation Police Bee is about a science called Palynology, Police using bees, kind of Black Mirror things but for real.

HYPNOS (Sleep)

What was your impression your holiday and Greece in general? Do you feel your works combine well with the environment?

I came to Greece for 4 days in July and decided I need to go back as soon as possible to do this project. The environment is amazing, the textures, and you feel so much from mountains to rocks to places the weight of history and culture.

police bee-ludo-greece-alexandra-kollaros

I am ecstatic these artworks reside in my homeland. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal the exact location of the installations. Ludo prefers not to disclose locations to protect the art from being compromised. Just think how wonderful it will be if you accidentally run into them though.
Until then, marvel here.



Images courtesy of Ludo


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