3 Years on Queenly Duty

The Real Queen of Stuff is 3

I love this blog. It came to being during a very special time in my life and is tied with all the important things, feelings & resolutions that define it. It represents the true me, the one I have been trying to find all my life, the “me” I am still striving to be. That said. I am notoriously bad at keeping up with it. I missed the mark of my 3-year anniversary (evidently it was on July 4), but this is already a huge improvement on my 2-year anniversary (which, aptly, I completely failed to register).
I keep getting everything wrong.

Still, no matter:

The Real Queen of Stuff is now 3 years old.

It is time for another review (picking up where we left of after year #1).


Trying to make a difference. Taking things to the next level. Eliminating negativity. Erasing the past. Rewriting my narrative. Redefining what matters. Building from scratch.

Rediscovering talents. Rediscovering passions. Rediscovering art. Rediscovering my own art.  Rediscovering myself.

Now I am powerful. Knowing I have all the things that I need. Owning it.


Reading. Poetry. Novels. Short stories. Autobiographies. Illustrated books. Self-help books. Reading what modern day gurus have to say: Alain de Botton, Mark Manson, Gary Vee mostly. They all produce inspiring reads.

Writing too. Even wrote my own book. AT LAST. And published it.
Now I am writing 5 more.

I am on a roll. 


Workouts. Too old NOT to do them anymore. Upped my game, going 5 x weekly. Only way to sustain a body after you hit 45. Now I have killer abs. The rest will follow. Or not.

I am equally fond of indulging myself.

Cooking, eating, savouring. Savouring food. Savouring drinks. Savouring life. 


Developing empathy. Loving people more. Judging less. Giving chances. Going for win-wins. Being convinced.

Treating every situation as a learning moment. Honestly trying to improve myself.

Developing a growth mindset.


Developing new obsessions passions.

Feeling wiser. Feeling old-ish and feeling gorgeous. Taking care of myself. 

My beauty routine is HERE. It helps take care of the beautiful “out”. I am working on the “inside” too. It is an on-going process. 


Stumbling upon the real deal. Then realising there is no real deal. Getting crushed again. Deciding it will be the last time. Trying to grow from it.

Opening the door to new people. Enough is enough is enough.

Understanding, at last, nobody will save me. Deciding to save myself.
Inside my heart it has been tepid but this works for now.


Staying put. Trying to grow roots again in order to engineer more freedom. Sounds counter-intuitive but it’s a clear path.

Asking “why not?”. Then putting it into practice. Exploring new avenues.

One life. Make the best of it.


3 years of reign – 3 years of being a better me.
To many more.

Your Queen

P.S.: I don’t promise to write more often because I clearly fail at it



(All images from my 2017 – 2019 Instagram feed)

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