The A to Z of Summer

26 elements of right now


Aegean sea. Can you think of anything better?

Boyfriend Рthe absolute summer accessory.

Cocktails, with veranda views.

DIY – tons of. To replace the gym.

Easy living. Anything else is in poor taste.

Fish. Can’t get enough of it.

Gardening. Barefoot. Because it is nice to connect with the earth.

Holiday – a 3 month one for that matter. It’s a mindset.

Ice-cream, every day. F@ck calories.

Joke’s on you.

Killer sunsets that will warm your heart when winter comes.

Love me, love me, love me, say you do. 

Midnight, and the evening is just starting to heat up.

Naps. Under the shadow of a tree.

Outdoor cinema. With cigarette & drink in hand.

Photographs, in the high hundreds. I need to remember it all.

Questions, about everything.

Resolutions for the season ahead (a result of all the questioning).

Swimming. Mostly to cool down from the suntan session.

Tavern. No need to be fancy – dine by the sea and just keep them coming.

UV filters – by the bucket. I use this one.

Vino. Top it up please.

Working, with a swimsuit on.

Xxx. Nothing to explain here.

Young, forever. In spirit at least.

Zzz’s, please. Sleeping in, out & late without the guilt that normally goes with it.


Have a nice one.



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