10 Things that Make me Happy

Valid for this week at least.

I am going through a particularly moody period of late and it has proved somewhat on-going – it is running through its 3rd week with no evident signs of dying down.

I was considering putting down some thoughts on what I love and what I hate about living in Athens at the moment (with an emphasis on how everything I love is paired with a corresponding aspect that instantly renders it hateful – like art for example, but don’t let me get carried away) when, while browsing through my WordPress feed, I run into an article by Susie – a very active Miami-based blogger – who proposes her own idea of an award, wonderfully named “The 71 year old’s award“. I am unclear about the rest of the rules but the idea is to write down 10 things that make you happy. Let’s clarify, my motivation and desire to compete over anything is, currently, incredibly low (and that’s still putting it mildly) but it seemed like a nice thing to do; not only as a quick check of what constitutes a source of pleasure as we speak but also as an exercise in positivity – which is always a good idea.

Kaya the puppy is an infinite source of happiness 

Here it goes, in no particular order (except maybe in the order they came to mind but still not indicative of any hierarchy).

  • Daily whatsapp phonecalls with my best friend who lives halfway across the world
  • Curating talent
  • My morning workouts (though they have been sparse of late)
  • My (sister’s) puppy Kaya
  • Buying and trying out new generation cosmetics
  • Series & homemade pizza bingeing Friday nights with the sis
  • Crossing entries from my annual 101 To Do list
  • Publicity on my work
  • Sinking dessert trays with my mum
  • Drawing funny illustrations
Curating my latest art show made me happy – dealing with pure talent always does 

That’s it really – no further explanation necessary and must say it is good that Susie only asked for 10 things because an 11th didn’t come to mind. It wasn’t like this 3 weeks ago and -hopefully- it will not be like this 3 weeks from now but this is where things stand today and, hey, 10 sources of happiness will do fine (even if there is loads of fattening acts involved).

So I guess Susie is due some “Thank Us” for reminding me there’s always a bright side on things.

Drawing daft illustrations entertains me immensely – this one inspired by my book 

Queenly regards

*Hero Image:
Photographed by Andreas Simopoulos / FOSPHOTOS for Popaganda’s POP ID column. 

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