Invading Thessaloniki

Pop-Up show & book presentation

It seems I am transmitting this one backwards. The thing is, I have written a book. And have neglected to make a proper post about it. And this one will, once more, NOT be the post about the book per se. But I am excited to share that I am currently preparing to invade the Greek North and ascend to the city of Thessaloniki for a double debut: a presentation of my book, coupled with a pop-up exhibition inspired by it. 

This is the invitation for the show – in Greek but I trust you can get the general mood

Between 9-12 May the city hosts the Thessaloniki Book Fair. Key Books, my publishing house are attending and I am tagging along. My book got published late October 2018 and this is my first ever book fair. I am a seasoned participant of Art and Design fairs but have no idea what being an insider in a book fair is about. I hope the classic recipe of having quality merchandise combined with looking gorgeous works.

At this point I have to say that I have the best publishers in the world. You probably think this is an overstatement but that’s only because you don’t know them. To avoid unnecessary debate though, I will meet you half-way and let’s agree I have the best publishers in Greece.

This one probably works better towards conveying the atmosphere

That’s not all though. I haven’t just written a book. I have illustrated it too (and had tons of fun doing it). To give the presentation an extra spin, we are going big and pairing it with a one night only pop-up exhibition of the book drawings. My star characters – the gallerist, the collector and the artist – along with their esteemed friends (other key figures of the art world) are being transferred to paintings and will be presented at Ro Art Space on the 10th of May. Brace yourself for an evening of artistic swag, complete with the requisite surprises.

Exciting stuff all around – I can’t wait

I will be happy to see you there should you find yourself in the city at the proper dates – drop by and say hi.

Queenly regards

My book is called “Greek Art from A to Z” and it is a humorous expose of the Greek art world.  


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