Year Out – Year In

Yes it is past the middle of February and this post may seem slightly off-topic at this point but I have broken up with convention ages ago. It has however been festering in the draft section long enough, so on this gloomy Athenian Saturday I decided to air it to the world. Partly to let you know what’s happening and partly for my own use, to have as a reminder, measure of progress, accountability “partner” – whatever, you get the picture.

What happened last year VS what will (hopefully) happen this year. 



My list of 101 things to do is serving as my guide in the past years. Due to extenuating circumstances, in 2018 it served as my only guide and it was not bad – in fact it was so good I decided to implement this strategy permanently. I ended up achieving 61/101 goals. This may sound like not much but it is a personal record (with second best being 47). To put it in perspective, it also means nailing one goal every 6 days. Not all goals are created equal here but among 2018’s goals were items such as writing a book (this has been festering in the lists for the past decade and YES, my first book was released in November. Need proof? Click this link). I feel great about scoring 61 but still, I think I can do better. This year I will race against myself and attempt to beat the newly established record – already have the first 21 under my belt and it is only mid-February. A good start.



3 continents, and 3 entirely new places. Houston – Galveston (new) – Sunshine CoastFraser Island (new) plus the mandatory island-hopping in Greece Paros – Antiparos –  Koufonissia (new). My recurring resolution is to visit at least 1 new place every year so not bad. I am always on board for discovering new destinations but have no idea what it will be this year – my travel plans have yet to develop. Except for a business trip in October, but the destination is a regular, so it doesn’t count (but I love you London and I can’t wait to see you again).



2018 marked the return of the regular workout. I started going to the gym 5 x weekly and tried 7 different fitness classes. Also did a brief stint of Krav Maga (Israeli military self-defence and fighting system).

Weight-wise it has been adventurous. A super lean January 2018 was followed by a crushing February (gained 4 kg – thank you heartbreak…). Various ups and downs followed until September, when I briefly tried intermittent fasting, which – coupled with the gym and a very demanding business schedule – got me back to my unicorn weight. One month in 2019 I am a little less unicorn-ey but, overall, on top of things.

One of my major personal list items for this year is to have the best body ever by June. Ambitious, I know, can’t help it.



I sorted myself with some much-needed beauty gadgets and performed necessary updates of all kinds. I intend to be dazzling this year and I suppose this is a full-time job. At the same time, growth has finally allowed me to feel entirely comfortable with the unavoidable reality of ageing and I am –almost– happy about the process. Material-wise, I am hoping to match and outdo last year’s upgrades and acquire a couple of next level essentials. Also, I really want this as a gift. Anyone?



I suffered a heartbreak right before the start of 2018 and it more or less stayed with me throughout the year. Eventually I decided to leave it to the universe to settle. No matter, I wouldn’t want this experience repeated so I am trying to work with myself on potential weak areas as well as practising (really) understanding other people’s perspectives.

But I also came to know a different kind of love: In September my sister adopted an adorable puppy, Kaya. It was love at first sight. Just looking at her makes my heart melt and my love is 100% unconditional, without expectations of any return whatsoever (except a few cuddles maybe).



2018: Organised 3 exhibitions, published my first book (a major moment of joy), did some solid coaching, consulting & mentoring, worked on several smaller projects, plus set the foundations for interesting future ones.

What about 2019?

Already working on 2 new books, and then some.

Exhibition wise, although I have different professional priorities at the moment, I am already planning a show to be presented in the first semester of 2019 as well as working on the 10 year anniversary of my charity campaign (more info soon). Considering 3 more art shows but will have to decide which one(s) will win – time doesn’t allow for all of them to happen in a year.


Slowly working on some surprise projects (the experimental foundations of 2018) and am curious about things in general

I have enjoyed illustrating my book and am currently devoting some time to it, mostly because it makes me happy and relaxes me.

And and and, there are more goals than time as usual. Let’s see which ones the year will favour.

P.S.: AT LONG LAST my personal website is online. Or to be more exact, a functional home-page of sorts. Finishing it as early as possible in the year is an absolute aim, unfortunately it is not entirely up to me (unless I take a coding & web-design course, which I am heavily flirting with :p).



Last year I (think I ) became a better daughter, friend, professional and human being. I am happy about these developments and aim to keep it up.

I was a mediocre sister and godmother – definitely not proud of these and already working on improvements.

Last, I was a rather bad partner and, given the opportunity, will try to substantially upgrade. Mind, I have no idea how you do this.

I also have 5 new exciting people in my life & made several interesting acquaintances. Add these to my already wonderful social circle and  things are looking good on the interaction front. Looking forward to the fun times.



Measurable things:

– Read 20 books (recurring resolution: minimum of 12). I am not racing this one – as long as I go through my mandatory 12 everything else is a bonus. I am already on the 4th for the year though, so it is looking good.

– Learnt 12 new recipes (few of them were keepers though). My annual target is 8 (5 savoury & 3 sweet). Given that I have already ticked both of these off this year’s list, I sense a record is in the cards.

– Did tons of DIY and home improvements & discovered skills I didn’t know I possessed. I recently bought a Black & Decker power sander and it is becoming my new best friend. Curious to take things to the next level, I just took a carpentry workshop and will venture making some garden furniture of my own this summer. Among other things.

– Travelling is part of my growth schedule so mega-tick here too (see above). Let’s see what this year brings.

More abstract concepts:

The best thing I accomplished in 2018 however was internal personal growth. I am very happy with how I evolved during the year, leaving behind negativity for good and practising more empathy.  The benefits of this have been tremendous and I intend to continue subtracting bad and adding good, if only to reap the joy of it all.

I guess I am trying to mature like good wine.


2019 INTENTIONS RECAP in other words:

Give more, chase dreams, become the person I am inside my head.

What are your goals? 


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  1. Inder Jamwal says:

    Lovely to hear from you. I don’t know about lists and resolutions but I do know that whatever you do it will be fun and definitely positive. Because that’s what you are. Forever full of life,and positivity. Just stay the way you are. Regards and lots of love Inder Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so nice to hear from YOU! And such nice words always. I miss you so much, next time I am in London I demand a catch up! xxx


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