Gifts fit for THE Queen

Back by popular demand, the annual gift cheat-sheet to relieve you of the stress of coming up with a Queen-worthy present. The following list consists of fail-safe, pre-approved gifts that will win you points and delight your favourite Royalty.

Please note that your Queen is very considerate: Due to the global crisis this year’s list doesn’t feature 6 zero gifts. Ranging from free to only a few Ks, there is something for everyone.
Don’t be afraid to go wild though: (we all know) the greatest joy lies in giving.


Overall prefer to do my fashion shopping myself, if you insist however,

Paper Flowers | Graceful MM | Catchy Two

essentials include: 

  • I will be needing a new LV bag sometime soon. Preferred models are Graceful MM (pivoine interior) or a Neverfull MM (rose ballerine interior)
  • Fluffy, cuddly bathrobe, preferably in pink
  • Another pair of Aussie Soles Starfish orthotic thongs – best flip flops ever (Black/White or Navy/Sky Blue or Purple/White ones. Or just buy all 3 of them)
  • Enamel Bangles: Florence London, Hermès and Tiffany, all sit great
  • Tiffany Paper Flowers Rectangular Sunglasses
  • A pair of Christian Louboutin Catchy Two pumps in nude


Constant objects of desire & there is something for all budgets.

Sample regime from The Ordinary

For starters:

  • Somebody get me the  L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara – I have been looking for it in Athens, Houston, Miami, even Charleston US, to no avail. What is happening with this product? I want it.
  • In the same vein, I still need the YSL Supreme Bouquet perfume but it seems to have disappeared from the market. One of Lancome’s Ouds – frustratingly also not available in Greece – could make for a fine sub, but I don’t remember which one (Ôud Bouquet? Ôud Ambroisie? L’Autre Ôud?), so just smell them all and go for the one that reminds you of me (you know – the sexiest one).



As usual not really in need of art gifts due to existing overabundance of them.

Yoshitomo Nara | Ben Eine | My portrait from Constantine Vraziotis

Exceptions apply:

  • I will happily accept an art gift from you if you are the artist. Bonus points if it is my portrait.
  • Ben Eine print / painting, preferably the “A”
  • Yoshitomo Nara anything


I have either acquired  or outgrown last year’s TECH gift suggestions and I tend to find other types of gifts more interesting. There are a couple of things I’d enjoy though.

My website is getting there!


  • Explain to me how the Huawei Health app works
  • Give me a yearly subscription to Mark Manson‘s website
  • Teach me some actionable SEO moves

and more importantly:



An all-time favourite category, offering endless choice. Note: The following entries are suggestions. The infinite international variants of them are equally welcome.

Glamping reloaded: The Other Side in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Ideas to get the ball rolling: 

• Take me for Lunch at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw
• or Dinner at the Aqua Shard
• Pass me your air miles (especially if you are s  Star Alliance member)
• Long weekend getaway, destination: luxury SPA (e.g. here)
• 10-day all expenses paid US Shopping trip (including shopping allowance) for one
• Couples trip to Eleuthera, in 100-star boutique hotel (e.g. here), but you have to provide the partner too

OTHER GIFTS – Softcore & hardcore GIFTS

If you are bored of going the extra mile OR, by contrast, want to tattoo your name inside my heart, here is your category:

Emotional First Aid Kit | My Book | Breathtaking Atlas Open Ring

Ranging from free to priceless:

  • Books:
    – The subtle art of not giving a f*ck (original version, no translations please)
    – The 4-hour workweek (I know, I am a little late to the party with this one)
    – Anything introducing interesting / new concepts on personal & professional development
    – just buy MY BOOK and we’ll call it even
  • Any School of Life card games
  • Go wild and adopt a stray dog, then take loving care of it
  • Small yet cool bike, complete with riding lessons
  • I REALLY want this ring (fear not, it is not an engagement ring) but if you are a cheapo this one will also do. Don’t try your luck with anything lesser though – I already have the silver one.
  • LOVE made last year’s list and still features as a premium gift (still don’t know where you can get it from)
  • Speaking of, bring me back XRISTIANOS – I want to marry him


NOTE: Unless you are a certified expert on Royal taste stick with the list and try not to improvise 😀

All hail the Queen.

P.S.: The Royal Birthday is coming up on 15 January and YES I am turning 48.
Still too young to bother growing up for real.


Cover photo: Me at Zoumboulakis Galleries in front of fab Nikos Lagos painting


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