Are you Really Doing your Best?

…or are you just wasting time?

You are bummed because, despite working around the clock, you fail to bring home the results.

You are wondering why, despite exercising and having an overall balanced diet, your ideal body weight eludes you.

You are disappointed that, despite all your grown up efforts at communication, your partner fails to measure up to standard.

You say you are doing the best you can.
But are you now?

Here’s a few questions for you:

  • What have you accomplished after working 9 hours today? Is any dreaded thing crossed-off your list?
  • Do you really need to have another coffee before you start writing that report?
  • Do you really need to check facebook every time the notification flash hits your otherwise-working-on-a-proposal screen?
  • Will you skip the gym because it is too cold to leave home today?
  • Will you eat this 700 calorie slice of cake because you are feeling down today?
  • Will you have 4 glasses of wine on your dry day because “what could you do”, it was your cousin’s birthday?
  • Will you again postpone cleaning that pile of random paper on your desk today?
  • Will you really listen when he tells you his side of things? Or will you only listen to the special music playing inside your head?
  • Is it really essential to have a cigarette prior to making that call? And another one?
  • Is it really well deserved to take the rest of the day off because you closed an important deal today?
  • Is it probable that any one the above things happens again tomorrow?

These are example questions but you get the gist. Replace as applicable.

We are not robots and it is not essential to deliver top performance all the time. It is, however, essential to be realistic with our expectations.

Results directly correspond to the amount of effort we put into things. And although we may self-delude that we are doing our best, oftentimes we simply aren’t. We do not tackle things head-on. We sabotage our efforts by shying away from the giant elephant in the room.

It transpires that I have a tendency for this. I keep complaining about ill-luck while I am most definitely not doing my best. And as long as I continue to not do it, certain things will remain elusive.

Simple. And at the end of the day, optimistic.

Let’s quantify our desires and see if we can have better results tomorrow. Or every tomorrow for that matter.

Jolly Mural by Ben Eine on Ebor Street, London

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then you are probably not doing your best.

If your answer to all of the above questions is “yes”, not only are you not doing your best but it seems you are Greek as well.



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