How to make Lavender Oil

Heavenly Homemade Treat

It is easy and kind of fabulous to create your own lavender-infused oil instead of going for the store-bought version. All you need is access to a lavender plant (your garden? a neighbor’s? the florist’s?) and a few very basic ingredients & tools you probably already have – namely some oil (olive oil will do great), a glass jar and a strainer.



  • Pick lavender flowers, removing them with your thumb and index finger towards the direction of growth. About 2 handfuls will do to prepare a small jar
  • Place in a clean glass jar
  • Cover the flowers entirely with the base oil of your choice
  • Tightly seal with jar lid and place under direct sunlight
  • Leave for one week, shaking the jar every 12 hours
  • Strain the oil, discarding the flowers, after squeezing them to extract excess oil
  • Transfer to a sterile dark glass container and store in a cool, dry place away from the sun. You can preserve your oil for 3-6 months or 12 months if you store it in the fridge.


Lavender oil has a great many uses. To name just a few:

  • It relieves stress, fights depression and promotes calmness and relaxation
  • It fights insomnia
  • It is highly moisturizing and overall wonderful for the skin
  • It relieves pain from insect bites and burns
  • It stops the bleeding of minor cuts and wounds and prevents skin from scarring
  • It alleviates muscle pain (rub the area of discomfort)
  • It offers relief from itchiness / skin rush / eczema
  • It fights off headaches
  • It is a good insect repellent

… and it is perfect to use for massages

Make sure not to disobey orders. It will take about a week to get from left to right. 

Enjoy it!


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  1. I cannot wait to try making this oil!

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    1. Oh, you’ll love it! Please let me know when you do!

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