The Queen is 1 Year Old

Celebrating one year of Blogging

This blog launched in July 2016, about 5-6 years later than it was supposed to. This is when I made the time to do it. In spite of due research, I got virtually everything wrong. From introducing myself to the community, to posting and everything in between, I have missed almost all blogging tricks & etiquette. I hardly ever make time to write. I even missed my actual 1 year anniversary (it was on the 4th of July)! No matter.

The Real Queen of Stuff made it to become one year old.

So what happened during this year? 


Getting away. Not having a plan. Living out of a suitcase. Having a beautiful walk-in closet but no clothes to fill it with. Trying to figure things out. Chasing life. 

Shopping. Cooking. Reading. Writing. Working on projects. Planning. Enjoying the moment. Breathing.

Self-pity. Self-help. Self-improvement. Growth. 

Reflection. Empowerment. Fun. An adventure into the unknown. 


Feeling free. Felling confident. Feeling fit. Feeling fat. Feeling old. Feeling gorgeous. Feeling badass. Feeling like a million $$.

Loving. Hating. Being indifferent. Making new friends. Making new enemies.

Erasing things. Severing ties. Burning bridges. Building new ones. Tailor-making it on the go.

Getting over things. Getting over oneself. Seeing clearly.

Falling out of love. Flirting. Dating innocent. Dating not so innocent. Falling in lust. Falling in love. Falling out. Falling back in. Feeling, again. 


Admiring art. Discovering art. Curating art. Promoting art. Producing art. Creating art again.

Getting bored of work. Working abroad. Working at home. Working from home. Working remotely. Not working.

Finding new passions. Making new plans. Going after new things. Engineering change. 


Working out. Swimming. Bikram Yoga. Hatha Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga. Kaiut Yoga. HOT yoga. And Barre. And home workouts. And gym workouts. A day membership. A weekly membership. A monthly membership. An annual membership. And going on foot. And taking the buss, train, metro, the underground. And driving. Small cars. Big cars. Fast cars. Sportscars. Supercars. Being on the move. 


Travelling. Travelling more. And then some. 

London. Yorkshire. Quito. Latacunga. Cotopaxi. Miami. Houston. San Antonio. Athens. Santorini. Ferry. Each of them, even briefly, my hometown. 

Mountains. Beaches. Cities. Countryside. Islands. Andes. Sun. Rain. Heat. Fog. Heatwaves. Clouds. A lot of clouds. Inside my heart it has been warm non-stop. 

Tiny apartments. Giant apartments. Luxury apartments. Haciendas. Resorts. Houses. Townhouses. Beach houses. At home everywhere. 


One year Queen of Stuff – one year of finding myself.

Happy anniversary to me.


P.S.: I promise to try and write more often 😀


(All photo-collages made from my 2016-2017 Instagram  feed)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria Bacha says:

    Happy Anniversary Alexandra!!!
    You are wonderful, the way you are…! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK U Maria mou!! ❤ ❤


  2. Audrey says:

    Happy Anniversary 🎂

    Liked by 1 person

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