Breakfast at Ferrari’s

Swag Overload Inside Supercar Heaven

 A few days back I had the opportunity to attend “Breakfast with a Tech” – a Ferrari of Houston event aiming to enhance the relationship between the club and its members. The 2 hour venture included everything from having breakfast tacos to hearing the engine of a vintage race car, as well as loads of interesting info about the company’s m.o. and vision. Riveting stuff, especially for the actual FoH members (that wouldn’t be me) and quite an alternative way to spend a Saturday morning.

 Arriving at the Houston dealership, aptly in a Rosso Dino-coloured 458 Italia, we got entangled in the most entertaining and colourful queue: one of Ferrari cars trying to approach the venue. Definitely a glamorous jam to be stranded in.

 I neither have the technical knoweledge nor remember much of the extensive information offered by the Ferrari team (I was mostly focused on the beauty of enjoying a perfect morning). Opting to avoid inaccuracies I am just giving you the eye-candy.

Onwards, simply marvel at the photos.

Ferrari of Houston Showroom reception area
Busy Service Area








Privileged access to the Factory supported Challenge Race Cars included



Noisy little guy!
Cool fleet of transportation vehicles
Ferrari Challenge Truck – your glamorized version of a truck
Swarm of Ferraris at the visitors’ parking lot

A most enjoyable experience, shifting the focus to what still remains shiny and fun out there. Go Ferrari!


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  1. eloisabunny says:

    Hi there! Welcome to blogging! I like your blog cause it’s simple and your content is easy to read. Keep it up and looking forward for more post from you. If you have time, please visit my blog as well. Thank you!


    1. Hey Eloisabunny! Thank you 🙂
      I will surely visit and come back to you!

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