The London Lights

In anticipation of a fab New Year

Country-hopping and drastic changes in circumstances during the past month has left little time, and even less desire, to write things down. A personal bummer really, when there is so much to be told. This mood has not changed but, before it becomes completely irrelevant, I wanted to share a bit of magic that I recently experienced, something that lit me up and made me feel super-pumped for the year ahead.

Classic Oxford Street extravaganza

In the beginning of December I found myself in London – my all-time favourite city and feel-good destination of choice. It is no secret that London is unsurpassed when it comes to Christmas Lights & Decorations (at least for those subscribing to the European aesthetic) and this year was no exception.

Beautiful House of Fraser

Walking around the streets, immersing myself in the extravagant beauty of the decorations, was a unique emotional experience. It generated a dozen positive feelings but most of all it made me feel 100% present and appreciative of now. A feeling of pure happiness.

There is no need to elaborate further –  the message is in the images.

Fairy-tale atmosphere all over

In anticipation of the New Year now… I have no idea what it is going to bring. I hear so much complaining about 2016, so many people emphatically waving it good riddance but I beg to differ. Despite its rocky undertone, this year brought so much into my life that I almost hate to see it go.

Out-lighting everyone, Selfridges has to be my favourite display

I am grateful for the army of new, beautiful people I came to meet, the fantastic places I got to visit, the feelings that I experienced and the opportunity to come face to face with myself in a way that has not been possible before. Every aspect of my life was enriched and I grew in unexpected ways. I even love the bad things the year brought, because ultimately they led to more growth.

marks and spencer-london-alexandra-kollaros.jpg
Hello there!

How can I not love 2016 and how can I not be anxious about 2017, having to fill such big shoes?

The “Little Stars” campaign

Phone rings. Predicted interruption, New Year’s eve afternoon drinks in Athens – a revered tradition. Can’t say no to that.

I love you London

And now… several drinks later, confessional mode has gone south and available time likewise, but I will not have this post 100% compromised because of mere change in circumstances. That’s illustrative of how things are really: everything changes, from one second to the other, you really can’t take anything to the bank.

“The Spirit of Christmas” light installation at Regent Street

Having completely lost the initial thread, I just want to make a wish, that the New Year brings only good things to us all. Personally, I want it to let me continue on the path I have been carving, continue to be true to myself and others and pursue fulfillment the way I understand it.

Some 300.000 LEDS were used to produce this specific type of magic

A message to the people in my “circles”: We do not bite, we overcome all problems, we work towards being a better version of ourselves, we create our own future and we are responsible for our happiness (or otherwise). And what is worth standing the test of time will – the rest is b%llox.

Oxford Circus Tube at night

What I’d really like to happen in 2017 is for everyone to stop being constipated, stop all the self-delusion and take things as they come, assess them at face value. I am confident this would lead to great comfort for everyone and I am Hopeful it will. Wine may be a determining factor of this being the bottom-line but so be it.

Festive & elegant in Grosvenor Square

I am not sure I have said all I was meaning to say and, at the end of the day (and year!) it doesn’t even matter.

Fab as always, Carnaby Street

A Happy New Year and warm thoughts to all ❤

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  1. Wow lovely post and great photos! I love the London Lights 🙂

    Emily x

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    1. Thank you Emily! Your blog rocks too


  2. mirandavoice says:

    I have shared the link of this post in my Facebook page:

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    1. Thank you Miranda ❤ – I ll go like asap 🙂

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  3. jmacindoe says:

    Great shots and post!

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing with this Brit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In this case I am double happy you liked it Susie! Happy New Year 😀

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  5. yhealthy2000 says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed.

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    1. So glad! Happy New Year ☺

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  6. Ivy iris says:

    Aww great post Alex. I didn’t get a chance to make it down to see the light but I am envious after seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so beautiful it had to be shared! I am so happy you enjoyed it Iris – happy New Year 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ivy iris says:

        Happy new year xx

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