The next adventure awaits


You are in the living-room of your fabulous apartment, you are on top of the world, looking down on everything. The entire city spreads magnificent outside your window, your views are astonishing. You are drinking rum shots by yourself, at 3 in the afternoon, smoking and abstractly gazing outside the glass panes. Thinking a million things and nothing at the same time. It is a glorious day, sunbeams invading the room, perfectly illuminating your perfectly made-up face. You feel like a glamorous heroine from a novel, antique and contemporary at the same time. How cool are you? You are a high-end nomad. You are badarse. You are doing it and you own it. You have nobody to answer to. You feel free. But there is a feeling of vanity too. Very soon all this will become just another memory. Very soon you will embark on the next leg of your adventure, where you will create new memories and everything prior to them will, as usual, fade. You have already started packing. Your sadness travels along with you, wherever you go. It weights nothing at the airline counter but it weights tons inside your soul. You always think you’ll place it down somewhere and forget about it, but every time you try somebody kindly brings it back to you. You have learned not to notice though. You sink another shot and think of the infinite possibilities ahead.
You Relax.
You are finding your place everywhere.

In a few hours, a new chapter of your personal fairytale will start unfolding.


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  1. ginasjoys says:

    Gosh, I love this. I can totally relate, on many levels. Life is a journey (ups and downs galore), looking at it as an adventure sure works for me too.

    Wishing you happy new adventuring. g.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gina. Bavk at you 💙


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