9 + 1 Days of Skies

and a few tunes to dress them up.

Quito is a city full of ample clear skies. That established, I am genuinely baffled that on a quasi-permanent basis a massive constellation of clouds is stationed opposite my window. They form magnificent and perpetually changing patterns that somehow define the mood of the day. I have developed a habit (bordering on an obsession) to photograph them daily and “compare notes“.

Here is a review of the recent spectacle.

(I am going with songs instead of comments because sometimes it is better to listen than to speak. And this is one of these times. And because my sister will enjoy this!)

Day 1 – Pink Floyd – Us And Themquito-ecuador-sky-1-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

Day 2 – Joe Dassin – Indian Summerquito-ecuador-sky-2-alexandra-kollaros

Day 3 – Eminem The Way I Am (Dirty)quito-ecuador-sky-3-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

Day 4 – Ενδελέχεια – Χάρτινες Σαΐτεςquito-ecuador-sky-4-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

Day 5 – Pet Shop Boys – Dreaming Of the Queenquito-ecuador-sky-5-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

Day 6 – Rolling Stones – Paint It Black quito-ecuador-sky-6-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

Day 7 – The Stranglers – Midnight Summer Dream (Rock in Athens 1985)quito-ecuador-sky-7-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

Day 8 – Depeche Mode – Higher Love (Live)quito-ecuador-sky-8-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

Day 9 – Oscar Benton – If you Go Awayquito-ecuador-sky-9-alexandra-kollaros.jpg

On to something rare, on a certain day the situation went like this:

This is the +1 clearly and I cannot begin to imagine what happened there.
I’ ll pair it with Duran Duran – Come Undone

What would you pair it with?


UPDATE: I added this post to the “Variations on a Theme” photo challenge because it seemed to fit into the concept perfectly.

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    1. Thank you Street Biter 🙂


  1. SeekingGod2 says:

    Nice to run into your blog. Looks pretty cool. See ya around. 🙂

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      1. SeekingGod2 says:

        I was going to drop you a line from your Contact page but then saw you probably won’t reply to it (that’s what it says!). So I deleted the message.

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