Procrastination Queen

How not to get things done

You really need to get some things done today (plus the things you didn’t do yesterday) – with all that is sitting on your plate you must at least try to get something out of the way.

But not all days are good for getting things done. And when you are not really feeling it, this is more or less how it plays out:

You open the laptop to work on a proposal. You outline 5 basic points. You start elaborating on the first one. Then you notice that you are running low on cigarettes so you pop over and buy some. And when you are back there is a message from your best friend who is just in from her holiday and hearing all about it is infinitely more interesting than getting things done. So you hear all about it, and thensome, and just when you are ready to get back to work you notice the potted plants look a little under the weather so, naturally, you go and water them.


And now that you are alone you need to cook your own meals, speaking of, you went to the super yesterday and bought some sea bass and bbq spare ribs that you have no idea how to cook. So you go and look up respective recipes and you have to see what Jamie Oliver, Nigella and Gordon Ramsay have to say on the matter, definitely check all three of them even though you will choose Jamie in the end. And while at it you check up a few more random links on BBC Food and this article on the Guardian that addresses the bbq ribs  issue in depth. Good, recipes bookmarked and now let’s go back on topic.


And writing away it is for 15 minutes but -hey- there is this email demanding an urgent reply you have failed to provide so far, so deal with it. After which you remember you have to speak with your mum, which you haven’t in 2 days now, and off you go for a facebook call. And while at it why not have a look at what the London friends are posting? They are attending all these alpha alpha art events that you now don’t have access to. They seem to be having so much fun. And Chill went to Bowie Collector and he’s posted amazing photos, literally making you feel like you were there too. Spend a little time watching them. Sigh…


And now back to work. But it is time for an instagram post and you have to research what photo would provide a good mosaic together with the ones already in. This should be a quickie because you have a zillion good ones, literally bombarded with photo opportunities recently. But you still opt to play around with all the filters, knowing full well you will use Hefe in the end. Cool, done, so back to work. But before that, maybe look at Diane von Furstenberg‘s current crop of wrap dresses just in case there is some 90% sale or one magically lands at your doorstep. The green New Jeanne Two Silk Jersey is a killer! And a quick look at Mac to see what you will be buying when in the States and check price differences with Europe. Mascara-wise, it will have to be Opulash. And since we are here, a quick look at the funky-sounding dimensionalized bronzing tutorial. They make it look so easy but whenever you try smth the result looks nothing like it. Now quickly back to work.


And you are 10 minutes in and you need to research this artist so you go on Facebook to hit the search area but wait – what is that? You have him on a see-first setting and indeed he always comes in first. And now he is in this stupid photo with this stupid woman and they look a little too chummy for your taste and it becomes an unwanted imperative to click on her profile to see wtf she is and go deep down in her timeline until it is irrelevant enough to definitely have nothing to do with anything. The spying spree is overall fruitless but you note to self to come back and re-check at some point. And now you have lost your appetite for the street artist but have gained appetite for some food so let’s go and cook these recipes. While at it, you decide to watch a little something to entertain yourself. Maybe one the four leftover Game of Thrones episodes? Your sister lovingly dvd-ed and posted them to you a while back. You never made it to see them but now is the chance to see one, and without further ado you end up watching all 4 of them. And now you have seen the entire season, including the season finale, BUT you have not seen the “Battle of the Bastards“. So it is imperative that you see Ramsay Bolton’s dog-mise (yes, you have read the spoilers) and YouTube seems like a one-way street. You are ok with watching the entire episode in 8-minute increment videos, despite the failing intermet connection that makes the task even more frustrating. And yes, Ramsay Bolton has so much swag through to the last minute, he is definitely your favourite sociopath of the hour.


And now it is 2.15 a.m. and suddenly you are too tired and sleep sounds like a plan and you pledge to wake up early tomorrow and get a head start on things and you note to self: do some yoga upon waking up, PROPER one this time, not 2 minutes like you usually do.

It’s Complicated.


Main image: Self-portrait from my Abercrombie portraits series. 

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  1. nice2beme says:

    Such a familiar post. Even if i try to make a plan for the day, many of things would still take me off the working plan =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some days are simply not made for being structured 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophia Cho says:

    Absolutely loved this post. Can definitely relate to this. Please check out my latest post if you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sophia! I will certainly do and get back to you soon.


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