Tonight’s Playlist

We don’t need a ring, our love is easy

It was a good day today. I had three productive meetings. I made good progress with an amazing project I am working on (more on that soon). I tried a new recipe that turned out good enough to become part of my -super eclectic- repertoire: corvina in cilantro sauce (corvina is sea bass btw, and the recipe is ultra-yummy, healthy and diet-friendly – by all means give it a try. If you speak Spanish that is.). Then I came home, all set for a quite afternoon in, happily intending to tend to projects that needed to be tended to.


Then something happened that made me sink the best part of a bottle of tsipouro and loose myself in thoughts.

A hundred cigarettes after, this is tonight’s -rather eccentric and as-random-as-they-come-and-you-can-probably-tell-the-frame-of-mind- playlist:

Jimmy Fontana – Il Mondo (1965).wmv
Ornella Vanoni – Perduto (this one has been about you all along)
Chris Isaak Wicked Game
argosvineis moni – gewrgakopoulou (tsitsanis)
Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love [Official]
U2 – Party Girl
Thin Lizzy – Still In Love With You (Live and Dangerous CD version)
Melody Gardot – Our Love is easy
Black Lab – This night
The pan within The waterboys
PLACEBO – ‘Protege Moi’ (Official Audio)

And yes, now I need to pull it all together and get on with writing a tsunami of texts  that need to be ready by tomorrow lunchtime – good luck with that.

But thanks YouTube – you are a real sport.

P.S.: Does anyone else feel a little lost and a little in love with life, or with somebody, or with whatever?



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