If you are remotely interested in comtemporary art, you already are a disciple of KAWS. If you live in a cave, here is a great opportunity to get to know his work and become a fan.

Moi admiring the “Survival Machine” paintings

The artist in brief
(and put simple) Brooklyn-based KAWS, aka Brian Donnelly, is  the epitome of artistic success. One of the very few to have made the crossover between street art and blue chip contemporary art, he creates stunning works across a variety of media (from painting & sculpture to printmaking & design of all kinds).His trademark is cartoon-like figures, bearing signature soft skull with  crossbones & crossed-out eyes. His appeal is universal to an incredulous extent: from children, to seasoned collectors, to Kanye West and beyond everybody loves his art. He is a cultural phenomenon.


The YSP exhibition
In February 2016 KAWS opened a major retrospective, his first ever in the UK, in Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It consisted of an indoors exhibition at YSP’s Longside Gallery and a collection of 6 monumental sculptures, scattered across the park’s grounds. Seeing it was at the top of my UK to-do list and, thankfully, Palm was enough of a sportsman to tackle the 3 hour drive (not to mention the 4.5 hour commute back to London). We stoically hit the road at 8:09 on a Sunday morning hoping to avoid the mega-crowds (good thinking but ineffective nontheless). Amid a heard of admirers, we took in one of the most gratifying exhibitions I have seen in, possibly ever.

In front of “Ups & Downs” with my artAZ pink tote

The indoors exhibition has, sadly, ended but you can see the KAWS giant statues at the  park through to December 2016. Fit it in your schedule if anywhere in the UK (or around) by that time and you can thank me afterwards.

P.S.: By all means email me of you want to gift me a KAWS artwork.

Click for a more thorough presentation of KAWS at YSP at artAZ


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