One-way Ticket

They say leaving is for those who can, but it transpires it also is for those who can’t.

This is your case.

You decide to leave because you can’t afford to stay any more. You have stopped feeling comfortable long ago. You live in a place where things have been going from bad to worse. Your reality sucks. You are bombarded by dire news. You are surrounded by people who have lost their spirit. Your quality of living deteriorates by the second. You sincerely despise your country. You start wondering why you bothered to come back in the first place.
You feel like a tanker in an inflatable pool.

You don’t like the direction your life is going. You want your money back.

You are bored of your job. You are not challenged. You cannot advance any more.

You wanna punch everyone in the face. You open your facebook timeline and want to puke.

You have messed a few things up. You didn’t have the balls to say I love you when the time was right. You kept meaning to but always decided against. You put on weight because you eat and drink like a pig. You keep meaning to exercise but never get round to it. You smoke 30 cigarettes a day. You keep meaning to quit but never get round to it. You are starting to feel like a version of yourself that is only a version of an older self and so on.

You progressively become deconstructed. You feel yourself being taken away bit by bit. You are scared all the time. You can’t breathe.

You are sick of the hostile environment. You are sick of your haters. You are sick of your colleagues. You are sick of your friends. You are bloody sick of somebody you think you love. More importantly, you are sick of yourself. You grow past the point of being sick of everything.

You have been flirting with leaving since forever but with this and that you let it linger. It strikes you that you probably never will. You find the prospect incredulous and yet here you are.

You think enough is f***in’ enough.You feel the need to grow a pair. You have to own your sh*t.

On the spur of the moment you pick a date and buy a one-way ticket to London. You officially declare yourself in a state of self-imposed exile. Self-imposed because the pressure now comes from within.

You are out of here. Until further notice.

Ben Eine mural in Ebor Street, London

P.S.: Your country of origin is Greece


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Yanna Tzanidaki says:

    Alexandra mou mazi sou!!!! Eisai dynati Kai OLA tha ta katafereis:-))) An peraseis apo Ollandia eisai panda kalesmeni. Me ta paidia einai ligo maniki vevaia alla Gia afto ehoume Kai tis rakes apo to Rethymno stun katapsiyxi;-) Love you koukla mou ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, katapliktiko Yanna mou! S’ eyxaristo poly – to exo skeftei 100 fores btw, exe tis rakes se etoimotita 😀 ❤


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