Home Identity

Home is where the suitcase is.

And in this case the suitcase is in a rather spectacular two-storey appartment in the heart of Quito, Ecuador.

I admit. I am super-lucky to be subsidized by Home Identity on this one.


What is Home Identity?
a) an excellent concept founded by 2 excellent people &
b) the leading Interiors & Furniture concept store in Ecuador.

I am not just BSing because they have me covered – it is indeed the leading one and everyone around here knows it.

HI and moi go a long way back, both personally and professionally. They are artAZ’s partners, exclusively handling our art distribution in Latin-America. I am only too happy to also be an ambassador of the brand.

Let’s define “rather spectacular” now

Spacious (260+ sq.m.), sunny (glass windows panes all over the place), expertly designed and beautifully decorated (there is literally not an ugly particle across the two floors).

It is picture-perfect and living-perfect. And bloody instagramable!

During daytime mesmerising light floods the place from all over. At night I often turn the lights out and marvel at the panorama of city lights. It is the poster-child of luxury urban living. I practice my yoga on the luscious carpets and its ‘namaste’ from here to eternity.


The flat is fully designed by HI’s interior design team and furnished with their bespoke furniture and the brands they represent (there is an abbundance of Kartell objects, lighting by Flos and Foscarini, Nanimarquina carpets, wallpapers by √Člitis &¬† Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild and other top-end wares). I have added an artAZ accent by hanging my favourite CV painting, “Victoria”, from Constantine Vraziotis “gold” period. It is a magic fit and it makes me feel even more at home.

This is an occasion where images speak louder than words so I’ll leave you to it.

P.S.: Both the CV painting and the flat go to sale as soon as I leave the city. Interested admirers be on guard – they are a fabulous pair.



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